About Mompact

Moms are not only responsible for over 80% of consumer spending, but they are also starting new businesses at a faster rate than any other group.

With a challenging economy and a need to focus on family, moms are finding unique ways to supplement family income.It’s time for moms to support other moms in business the way we do in motherhood. The compassion we feel when we meet a mom in need of encouraging words at the check out line, or struggling to quiet a fussy toddler at a restaurant, is the same kind of compassion and connection moms have in business. We get what the other mom is going through: how she has to juggle work and family, sacrifice financially, and learn along the way. We’re here to provide a platform for that support.There are plenty of sites for sharing about struggles with teething, how to positively discipline, what healthy things to cook for dinner, and all other things “mom”. This is NOT one of those sites. We’re here for business. Whether you are looking to earn a little cash online, monetize your blog, start a local service business, create a charity, invent the next million-dollar product, or build an empire of successful franchises, we’re here
to support you.mompactFBMompact is all about moms supporting moms in business. If you want to support other moms by being a customer of a local mom business, buying products invented by moms, or contributing to mom charities, we can connect you.

Ways to Support Moms and get Support

  • Buy products by Moms, for Moms or list yours
  • Seek out Mom-owned local businesses or list yours
  • Support Mom bloggers or learn how you can monetize your mom blog
  • Contribute to mom charities or share one.


A Note from the Founder

Welcome! Over the past couple of years, I’ve had the honor of getting to know hundreds of mom business owners across the country.

One group I’ve spent a lot of time with are inventors and entrepreneurs. They’ve worked hard to bring their ideas to life — designing products, learning about manufacturing, funding their businesses, creating packaging, and discovering new sales and marketing strategies. The biggest hurdle for most has been getting their products into stores. With retail chains seeking to limit the number of vendors they work with, while focusing on big brands and store labels, it’s a tough journey for entrepreneurs.

We are working to change that by bringing these brilliant products directly to moms all over the country. Through our Mompact Direct Sale Program. You can shop the products here, or learn about the business opportunity of selling these products.

Our common goals are simple: to have a good time, do something we believe in, and to help support our families and other moms on the same journey. We hope you’ll join us.

~Shelley Straitiff
Founder & CEO