There’s nothing like a major life event to change your perspective on the
world. And, transitioning from “woman” to “mother” is probably the most
profound life change of all. All women who become mothers have an instant
bond, a connection that only we really understand. This gift of motherhood
we share provides us with new insights, compassion, sensitivities and
challenges we never could have imagined.

Mompact seeks out bloggers that share valuable content for other moms. We
work with them to share products invented by moms and to create discussions
about topics important to all moms.

The Business of Blogging

The term “Mom Blogger” means different things to different people.
Sometimes mom bloggers are moms looking to share daily insights about their
family, hobbies, expertise or passions. Others build vast networks to share
content, promote products they love, and earn a little income helping brands
promote products.

Mom bloggers can be a very valuable asset to companies seeking new ways to
reach the mom market. To be successful at earning income on a blog, you need:

  • Excellent writing skills
  • Reliability and organization
  • A professional blog site
  • A solid understanding of SEO
  • Connections to blog networks and companies


Many business bloggers start out by being product reviewers. After building
a blog and developing a following, they agree to write product reviews in exchange
for free product. It’s important to understand the FTC’s disclosure policies
when doing this. Although product reviews are generally not paid opportunities,
they are a fun way to experience new products and build content for your site.